Mining Industry

Mine site safety is important. Lightning is a dangerous at mine sites. If lightning is close by some mining operations must cease which causes a loss in production. To minimize the down-time of operations an effective system must be in place.

Detecting areas that are at risk of lightning early is critical. Real-time lightning data with hourly storm tracking can speed up the decision making process for the change in weather. The injury to workers and equipment during a storm can be reduced with early warnings.

As a general rule organizations should have a procedure for lightning threats.

  • 20-40 miles (30-60 km) away – Be careful
  • 10-20 miles (16-30 km) away – Be alert
  • 0-10 miles (0-16 km) away – Seek shelter, avoiding open areas

Mine site safety

Minimize production delays and improve mine site safety!

Reduce production down-time and improve the safety of workers with real-time lightning data and alerts.

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