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Lightning is a dangerous and frequent weather hazard worldwide. The threat of lightning is high outdoor personnel and equipment should not be taken lightly. With lighting striking the earth over 25 million times a year, annual losses globally are in the billions.

With real-time lightning alerts and display tools on hand, you can precisely identify time when a storm is approaching. This will provide you with adequate time to notify staff and guests so that appropriate measures can be taken to ensure safety for all.

Early warnings can make a difference

Early detection of lightning events in your proximity are vital. Most cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occur within 30 minutes of nearby cloud lightning. An advanced notification and warning system can provide you with the time to get people to a safe indoor location.

All Clear Notifications

Knowing when it is safe to return and resume outdoor activities is important in minimizing outages due to a thunderstorm. A a general rule-of-thumb 30 minutes after the last lightning strike in an area it is deemed safe to resume activities.


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