Aviation Safety

Airport operations and ground-flight procedures get put on hold when lightning is close by. Thunderstorms can delay flights and the need to to abide by a tight schedule is important. Lightning poses a high safety risk to all ground support workers and equipment. Outdoor activities may have to stop during thunderstorms and this can cause a lot of issues with flights.

Many airport operations can be affected by lightning:

  • Handling baggage
  • Food services
  • Refueling
  • Guiding aircraft from/to gates
  • Mowing lawns
  • Repairing runway lighting

Detecting areas that are at risk of lightning strikes early is critical. Real-time lightning data with hourly storm tracking can reduce the decision making process for the change in weather. Workers and equipment during a storm can easily be damaged or injured. Early warnings will help to reduce any damages or injuries related to lightning.

After thunderstorm has passed it is often safe to continue outdoor operations. Monitoring the airport during and after a storm will show you exactly where the lightning activity is. The correct operation decisions can be made and airport procedures can continue as normal. Workers will be able to return to work safely knowing that they are no longer at risk.

airport operations

Shorten airline delays and improve worker safety!

Improve the safety of workers and equipment on airport grounds with real-time lightning data and alerts.

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