Sensor Management

The sensor management software allows access to the complete system via a communications link to the CAP™. The software communicates with the installed sensors through the CAP™. The communication link can be direct, by serial modem, by a network or even over the Internet. The sensor management software is a very powerful set of programs that can remotely adjust and reconfigure sensors, as well as govern the download of new software and hardware configurations. Typical functions that the software is responsible for are:

  • Diagnosis and repair of software problems
  • Adjustment of sensor operating parameters can be made via land line or the Internet
  • Remote downloading of software
  • Re-configuration of hardware via the Internet through use of a stroke processing program
  • Review the GPS satellite configurations and sensitivities
  • Allow changes to the system configuration such as band rate
  • Change the sensor threshold and sensitivity levels
  • Download hardware configuration changes
  • Download updated software
  • Examine the power supply voltages
  • Read the sensor operating temperature
  • Permit self-test of the sensor with preinstalled lightning waveforms
  • Monitor the oscillator accuracy
  • Write to Flash memory

An authorized user can communicate directly with any of the active sensors. It is possible to download new software and firmware, monitor oscillator frequency, monitor power supply levels, read the temperature in the sensor unit, and manage several other sensitive receiver parameters.