Lightning Archive

To facilitate fast and reliable data storage and retrieval, TOA’s lightning detection system uses an SQL database to store the lightning data created by the network.

The database stores data from CAP™. The database is run on an SQL Server and is accessed across the network by programs within the lightning detection system. It is capable of storing data from well over 10 million lightning strokes. The format of the stored data will be provided to the client to facilitate access to the lightning detection network data by other users and systems.

Since the database is on an SQL Server, custom applications allow extraction of the data from the database. Within this software package, three database tables are presented so that a person interested in the layout of the database may write or configure the database to suit their needs.

Lightning Archive  Functionality

  • Stores lightning data and sensor status (Latitude, Longitude, Polarity, Amplitude, Type of Strike, Time of Event)
  • Performs periodic database backup
  • User programmable time between backups
  • Automatically stores database information to optical media
  • Has the ability to store raw sensor data

The lightning archive can be configured to automatically deliver lightning data over the network in the required form to the client’s database management system, if this is required.