About Us

Global Lightning Detection Headquarters TOA Systems

TOA Systems, Inc. (TOA) is focused on providing a true Global Lightning Detection Network with the most accurate, and reliable lightning detection network; now and for years to come.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, all the expertise is combined to manage and run the Global Lightning Network® (GLN®), a true lightning detection network.


To accurately locate and detect lightning worldwide, provide early warnings and to prevent lightning incidents for all.

Global Lightning Detection Network

TOA Systems has scored major successes in the United States and international markets since its initial founding, establishing TOA as a credible and effective supplier of lightning detection solutions worldwide. Recently sensors have been added to the GLN® network, with additional sensors going into South Africa, Europe and The South Pacific. The additional sensor will assist in locating and detecting lightning activity in real-time around the installed areas.

The lightning detection networks are equipped to detect and distinguish between cloud-to-ground and inter/intra-cloud lightning events and detect the strength of each strike. The TOA network calculates strike locations to the highest accuracy using many different sensors worldwide.

Industries we provide to:
  • Utility companies
  • Airlines
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Government
  • Transport
  • Weather re-sellers
  • Small business